Paula Winchel is a Personal Performance Coach, author and speaker who guides and motivates people to heal their mind, body and spirit, and to connect with their inner power and beauty in order to live the life they desire. She uses advanced mind, body and energy techniques including hypnotherapy and Pro EFT to access your subconscious mind and create lasting healing and change.

Paula Winchel has claimed her dream of awakening others to their true worth and highest potential. Her mission is to help people heal their emotional baggage, so they can stop the needless struggle, create lasting change, and transform their lives.

She is a coauthor of Women Rising – Transforming the World One Voice at a Time.

Paula has shared her message with corporate business women, holistic moms, at her signature Envision Your Future Bonfire events, and in her own personal workshops. Her signature talks include “Claim Your Dream – What It REALLY Takes”, “Manage Stress for Mamas”, and “Redesigning Your Life.”

She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from UW-Madison, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Level 3 ProEFT Practitioner and certified in ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS® Bars Course. She’s grateful to have the loving family she dreamed of – with husband Eric and son Sebastian. She plans to visit Bali in 2015 and help orphans and battered women release their emotional traumas.

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