Change Your Mindset in One Quick Minute!

Me on my Birthday in December

Me on my Birthday in December

I made this video over a month ago when I received a gift of inspiration from my higher self and think it’s absolutely timely for the new year!

When many of us think of the new year, we focus on what changes we want to make, and how we aren’t there yet! The holidays may have been a let-down, and the thought of another year of failed resolutions is depressing. A month after New Year’s, you may be feeling this big-time!

Here’s 2 short minute video about what inspired me on my birthday, when I was feeling a bit underwhelmed by the prospects of my day – and how one quick switch of my mindset made all the difference!

It will be easy for you to adopt, and if used consistently, could change your whole outlook, which can ripple out to any and every area of your life. How can life get even better??

Please do me a favor! Experiment with this right now, and leave a comment on how it helped you! Yay!

Ripples of Peace & Love to you in 2015!


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