Heal Your Relationships

How many relationships do you have that are weary, worn or just plain shattered? As you move through life you experience so many of life’s highs and lows centered around your relationships. Since you subconsciously repeat childhood patterns, you often run into the same issues without realizing it or knowing what to do. Do you leave, try to work it out, or stay? How do you get over the “love of your life” when they leave you? What do you do about those painful relationships that you’re “stuck” with, like a parent, child, sibling, or co-parent?

The first key to being free of the pain and heal yourself and the relationship (whether you stay or go) is to not only become aware of your own unhealthy patterns, but release them on subconscious and energetic level. I’ll be sharing more keys from my own experiences and expertise as a healing practitioner and life coach, as well as being a recovering commitment-phobe who has also had her share of emotionally unsafe relationships, and who is now in a committed, loving marriage. You can turn yourself and your relationships around!

Change Your Mindset in One Quick Minute!

I made this video over a month ago when I received a gift of inspiration from my higher self and think it’s absolutely timely for the new year! When many of us think of the new year, we focus on what changes we want to make, and how we aren’t there yet! The holidays may [Continue Reading…]